Easter Behind the Scenes

April 07, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

I've had a few inquiries about my "studio" style shoots. A few people were wondering exactly what is involved with these shoots. I took some "behind the scenes" photos to show the equipment and set-up involved in my studio shoots.

This lighting diagram shows the basics of the my Easter set. This set uses three of my four studio strobes. One light is behind and to the side of the dogs. This light makes fur shine and emphasizes pug wrinkles.

I took these photos in my dining room (emptied of furniture).  This room is quite small at a little under 10' by 10'. These photos show the backdrop and support system. I used a 56" wide roll of seamless paper for this shoot.

As you can see, I stretch the paper out along the floor to achieve the perfect seamless look. This next photo shows the "hair" light. This light makes the fur shine and emphasizes the wrinkles in my pugs.

The last photo shows the other two lights. Both have soft-boxes attached to soften the shadows and create a nice and fluffy light. The lights were really further apart than this, but I moved them closer together to fit them into this shot.

Remember that all of this equipment is portable and can be brought to your house to take amazing pictures of your fur kids or human kids. If you are interested in a studio shoot in your own home, please contact me at www.matthewjosephphotography.ca/contact.html.



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